Project/number/4 Beyond the ambit

Jonny Aldous, Adam Burton, Ami Clarke, Kaavous Clayton, KIMI CONRAD, and a light box poster commission created by Matt Hale.

11-26 June, open Fri-Sat-Sun 12-6pm Private view Friday 10 June 2011, 18:30-21:00

For Beyond the ambit, Project/Number has invited artists who have
been involved in running an artist-led space to exhibit some work.
The artists and their current or former spaces are:

Jonny Aldous, the two Jonnys’, London
Adam Burton, Vulpes Vulpes, London
Ami Clarke, Banner Repeater, London
Kaavous Clayton, Kaavous-Bhoyroo, Norwich
KIMI CONRAD, Outpost, Norwich
Matt Hale, City Racing, London

The exhibition is an initial investigation into the creative practice of artists who have devoted a large amount of their time, energy and resources into running a gallery or project space. The publication, produced to accompany the show, includes a Q&A with all the exhibiting artists, as well as texts by Kaavous Clayton and Peter Suchin.

Beyond the ambit:

When artists take on the roles of administrator and curator of an exhibition space, they instantly step beyond the ambit of their art practice. They must quickly develop or acquire a new variety of skills and heavily invest time and resources to successfully run their projects. As a result, their own practice may suffer, or on the contrary flourish, as they interact with other artists and new opportunities and networks open up to them. Either way, it will affect the way they make art.

Beyond the ambit was an open invitation to the artists to show new or old work in any form or expression they chose. Most have decided to produce new work, some by investigating the inherent nature of the space, others by seeking participation from outsiders or the audience. Following several discussions with the artists as they prepared their work, it is clear that most of them considered their dual position of artist and gallerist. One concern, discussed quite early on that probably sums up what all artists who run a space must face, is whether to be generous or selfish in their use of the space.

Light/Box/2/ Matt Hale

As part of Beyond the ambit, is the second poster commission for the project number's on-street light box. The poster BACK IN FIVE MINUTES has been created by artist Matt Hale.

Recent exhibitions include Fraternise-the Salon, Beaconsfield, London and Inside/Outside, The Edge, Eastside, Birmingham