Join us on FRIDAY 7 MARCH for the first event:
The event will start with a talk by Fannie Sosa
that will question whether twerking is a sexually liberating gesture or a representation of the oppressed hyper-sexualised body. This will be followed by a TWERK LAB with Joelle D'Fontaine.

TALK 14:00-15:30

TWERK LAB 16:00-17:00

Project/Number is happy to announce the first collaboration with JK_NET.
JK_NET has been commissioned to create participatory experiences during a one-month residency at the space. JK_NET is a cultural production label that specialises in open-ended, multi-individual projects.
JK_NET has set up three events for Project/Number, ANA_CON, GIVE_GIF and COLD_CUT. Each commission will unfold in two stages. The first stage will be a two-hour event where participants engage in the production process of the project. The second stage will involve an extended distribution of the produced material and open forum discussion. The exchange will then be further displaced onto various online platforms such as tumbler, twitter and the online forum

ANA_CON: This will be an introductory dance class in which you will learn how to twerk. The event will produce footage that will be incorporated into a new music video for Nicki Minaj´s ‘Anaconda’ - a track in which Minaj’s body functions as a fictional parody. Whether twerking is a sexually liberating gesture or a representation of the oppressed hyper-sexualised body is a question of reading. The material will be redistributed with the aim to disorienting/re-own images of objectified bodies. The project ask is if twerking it is a punch at the taboos of sexuality or just a banal action that increases the gender difference and subsequent female subordination. In the forum, we will engage with ideas of the libidinal machine based on reading Deleuze and Guattari “Anti-Oedipus”.
GIVE_GIF: You will be guided through the process of gif making by creating versions of the JK_NET Logo using the freeware “gimp”. The resulting gifs will be presented through a tumblr and brought into circulation as the new visual face of JK_NET – a gif produced by each creator revealed each day will become part of a collection of remixes of the JK_NET Logo. You will be one of the artists that use digital tools in the production of artworks, and occupy online modes of distribution for both presentation and development, practice and discourse. Where do we find the credibility of creativity within a culture of shared authorship if work is defined as free labour in a digital economy? Especially when the value of objects has shifted to the vastness of their circulation instead of their materiality and origin? In the forum, we will engage with ideas of circulation and the dispersed author based on reading Seth Price “Dispersion”, Douglas Davis “The Work of Art in the Age of Digital Reproduction” and Lawrence Lessing “Remix”.

COLD_CUT: You will enter an immersive environment of purple haze and clean electronic beats, provided with water and a T-shirt as the dress code for this experience. You are invited to take pictures or videos documenting of yourself and the people around you. All material you create during the experience will be posted and blogged, retweeted and shared via the hashtags #jk_net #cold_cut. This event explores how subcultural formations undergo commodification through a constructed communal identity, which uses consumption as its basis. It questions whether there might be an alternative ethical or spiritual agenda to rave. In the forum, participants will engage with ideas of the post-tribe and temporal collectivity based on reading Michel Maffesoli “The Time of the Tribes”.