P/N/2 Projects with Yoav Aner: SMILE

Yoav Aner was invited to use the space for a project. He decided to organise a one day event since he was moving to Berlin and was running out of time.

SMILE was a social event, where the visitors had their picture taken at random by the many web-cams set up around the gallery.
Yoav had prepared a software that randomly selects some of the pictures and places them in template. Again, randomly some of these pictures were printed on site.

The visitors were invited to take a print home.

The text on the wall read:

It was estimated there are around 4.2 million CCTV cameras in the UK (2002).
This gallery is monitored by around 10 web cameras.
Each camera takes a snapshot at short random intervals.
The images from all cameras are then uploaded and stored temporarily for up to 30 minutes.
96 images are then selected at random from the collection to create a montage.
The montage is then overlayed with a template. Not all of the 96 images are visible.
The resulting picture is then printed digitally onto photo paper and being given a title at random.
The digital image that generated the printed image is then deleted. New image is printed every few minutes.
The 96 images that produced the montage are also deleted.
After 30 minutes, all other images are deleted.
Each photo is unique, so is the selection of images within it.
Please do not touch the computers, cameras or printers in the room.
Once enough photos are produced you are welcome to take them home with you. Please do not be greedy.
SMILE. You're on camera. :)