P/N/1 Projects with Yoav Aner

Yoav Aner, a conceptual computer programmer was invited to work towards developping a code for Edition of 1 and work towards an exhibition in south London.
Edition of 1 is a project that uses the web to source random images from the Internet. The principle is simple, yet the outcome endless.
Through the last weeks of the summer Yoav visited 10 Cazenove Road and developed the project.
Jonathan Aldous generously provided professional technical support as well.

The result was an installation comprised of two mac-mini computers (running the web program) and two cube monitors.

It was selected and shown at Gallop for the Deptford Award section of Deptford X

For more information, please visit www.editionof1.org

Through the last month of the summer, Yoav Arner joined me at the gallery space to work on Edition of 1.

finished! Picasso pops up on Edition of 1 view of Edition of 1 at the gallery Edition of 1 at Gallop south Londo